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Floating Cities Are The Future

Floating cities are the future Of Urban Development. At this TEDx, Koen Olthius offers some super-potent mulch for the mind. Olthius, founder of aqua-architecture studio Waterstudios discusses his company’s vision of the city in the future: adaptable, flexible, and directly integrated into the bays and seas that abut so many world metropolis’. His “city apps”…

Floating City

8 Floating Architectural Visions Of Our Future

8 floating architectural visions of our future that will inspire and amaze… Since water and flooding has been on everyone’s mind this week (particularly here in New York), we figured we’d throw together some super cool water-centric architecture. Most of these buildings are winners and honorable mentions in eVolo magazine’s annual skyscraper competition. I had…

Pitchfork Media: Music and the Psychedelics

Pitchfork Media’s “Music and the Psychedelic Mind”

Check out this artfully done mini-doc by Pitchfork and director team Cousins on psychedelics and its effect on modern music. They interview experts, musicians, and historians about the marriage of psychedelics and music, and its rebellious offspring affectionately known as rock & roll. Interviewee’s include Daedelus, TOKiMONSTA, Dr. Strangeloop (woo!), Doldrums, and Dr. Charles Grob…


Festo Corp. Creates a Robotic String Quintet

Festo has created a fantastic musical robot. We talk a lot about “future music” here at Serious Wonder. Most of the time we’re talking about current musicians making innovative music for tomorrow, every once in a while we come across something truly futuristic. This is one of those whiles. [youtube id=”XE1Mgo2ZimY” width=”620″ height=”360″] The Sound…


Theoretical Physicists Talk Superposition in Time

Theoretical physicists from the University of Vienna have released a statement that challenges our understanding of physics. In it they claim that according to quantum mechanics there are conceivable “situations in which a single event can be both, a cause and an effect of another one.” The radical idea rests on the concept of superposition; where a…


Future Music: NO GLOW Interview

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /] The internet has done a lot for independent artists in the 21st century. Its opened up the door for many artists to create and distribute their work without going through labels or having to physically distribute tapes. Its created a thriving underground network that allows artists, fans and the media…


NASA Records Voice of Earth

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] What you are actually hearing in the above soundcloud clip are radio waves vibrating at acoustic frequencies. They are caused by plasma waves in an area called the Van Allen Radiation Belts. The radiation belts are two rings of such plasma held in place by our planet’s magnetic field. NASA scientists call…