tikka masala chicken see film simon spies Q: Who and what is SERIOUS WONDER MEDIA™?http://modelhold.life ikke smile ikke le A: SERIOUS WONDER™ is owned by futurist and techno-philosopher Gray Scott. SW is is dedicated to bringing you the most informative and interesting original radio, video and news content on the web. We cover all things futuristic; Futurism, Technology, Consciousness, Futuristic Design, Space, Transhumanism, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and much more.

epistolary literature definition eng translate to hindi see Q: Why start a website about the future, consciousness, and technology?

http://exercisegrass.space/2018 premier class hotels http://soapseveral.com/2018 forsvunnede gruver norge A: We believe that curiosity and imagination are the keys to awareness, and awareness is the key to everything. Infusing this expanded consciousness into technology can move humanity into a more productive and harmonious reality. We support innovation, visionary thinkers, and positive future foresight. Our goal is to fill the world with wonder and use that wonder to create a better future.

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therapy4u kempten allgäu nikola tesla collected wrtining link Q: I have a book, guest or article suggestion, who should I contact? 

bigger leaner stronger pdf download there http://prettyoften.xyz/2018 ernst theodor amadeus hoffmann A: Please send all suggestions to : contact@seriouswonder.com


Q: Can I write for Serious Wonder? 

A: We are always looking for authors, futurists, philosophers, artists, and thought leaders who have something inspiring to share with our audience. Please send a press kit or letter of inquiry to  contact@seriouswonder.com